Executive Committee
Ensuring that each committee is working toward the same goals, the Executive Committee is responsible for attracting people to the organization and retaining their support. It is the personnel department of the program, keeping the volunteers productive and happy, while creatively building a solid foundation for future growth. The Executive Committee will help keep Lake Wales Main Street program running. This committee is the backbone of Lake Wales Main Street’s future growth. This committee will be responsible for:

  • Strengthening existing businesses through seminars, consultant visits, etc.
  • Volunteer recruitment & orientation (to ensure all volunteers are knowledgeable of the event or program on which they are spending time)
  • 5-year strategic planning
  • Annual budget proposals (which are presented yearly to the Main Street Board of Directors)
  • Sends speakers to other groups or organizations in Lake Wales and surrounding area.

Lake Wales Main Street’s Committees are extremely energetic, organized, creative, open to new ideas while reviewing old ones, and have fun in the process. Lake Wales Main Street has many events planned for the next year and will need your fresh ideas and help.

If you have an interest or skill in volunteer development, or Human resources this committee is for you! We are always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us!