Economic Restructuring Committee
The goal of the Economic Restructuring Committee is to identify new market opportunities for Lake Wales Downtown commercial district, find new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulate investment in downtown properties. Our plans call for major improvements in arts, culture, recreation, tourism, and conference opportunities in the Downtown. It also calls for the addition of new retail, service, and restaurant opportunities in very specific mLearning about the district’s current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth.

  • Strengthening existing businesses through seminars, consultant visits, etc.
  • Recruit new downtown businesses to fill gaps in the market
  • Find new economic uses for traditional Main Street spaces
  • Develop financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitations and business development
  • Monitor the economic performance of downtown on an ongoing basis and collect market data
  • Work with local financial institutions, Chamber and business assistance organizations on any matters related to downtown, in cooperation with design committee’s building inventory
  • Promote downtown as a good place to do business

Our market research shows huge potential for:

  • Restaurants – especially new southern cuisine, seafood and ethnic
  • Home furnishings, décor, gifts, antiques, garden and other home related stores
  • Book stores and news dealers
  • Sporting goods/college goods
  • Clothing Stores – men’s, women’s (especially for 50+ demographic), children’s, and infants
  • Shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, luggage
  • Hobby, toys and game stores
  • Novelty and souvenir stores
  • Arts dealers/ art studio and instruction/ paint your own pottery
  • Food related- grocery market, meal prep, bakery, and gourmet ice cream
  • Pet related- boarding, daycare, grooming and gifts
  • Doctors, dentists, health professionals
  • Banking, financial services, legal services

Lake Wales Main Street’s Committees are extremely energetic, organized, creative, open to new ideas while reviewing old ones, and have fun in the process. Lake Wales Main Street has many events planned for the next year and will need your fresh ideas and help.

If you have skills or interest in business, real estate, economics, or market research this committee is for you. We are always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us!